Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chlorine is good for you right?

We had our second group swim on Tuesday. For some reason I was even more nervous than the first one! Heck, I should be an expert by now, right?

The first few lengths were so hard. I don't know if it's the whole 6am thing or just those initial warm up laps but I was ready to stop after 2 laps! I guess it's similar to how those first 10 miles on the bike always seem the hardest then after awhile you get your groove and life is good.

We focused more on body positioning and started trying to roll properly to get our air. I could definitely tell when I was doing it RIGHT. It felt so much easier. The problem was I'd get it right for about two strokes, panic would ensue and then the flailing. Practice, right?

We also worked with pull buoys on the last set of drills. They are foam pieces you put between your legs for support so you can focus on just your upper body technique. It was an odd sensation. The first time my legs kept flopping left and right kind of like a fish fin. I'm sure it was quite hysterical looking.

In case you've been wonder what exactly is a swimming work out here was our plan for Tuesday:

Warm-up, 5 minutes
Do some bobs…

• “Swim” with board, relax shoulders & breathe to the side
• Long glide freestyle, like speedskating.

Newer to swimming:
2 x 25s “swim” with board focus on exhaling underwater, followed by 1 x 50 easy freestyle, 4 times through. Heads & tails.

8 x 25s long glide freestyle, easy, 2 bobs in between lengths. Rest approx 10 sec. (or 60 seconds or 90)

4 x 50s, practice breathing every 4 strokes, roll head with body to get the breath. Rest 15 seconds after each 50. Cough up water for 30 seconds.

Warm down, bobs optional
Total distance: 800+

Pull Buoy:

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