Thursday, January 1, 2009


A new year is here and I thought it would be a good time to revamp this blog as well as myself. Since the century, I haven't been cycling nearly as much as I would like. Some of that was due to a short recovery time, a bout with sickness and sheer laziness. I've been on a couple short rides and one 25 miler but that's it. My butt and waist are showing it too.

I'm joining a girls riding group that my TNT coach is organizing. We'll be going out once a month for a 30-40 mile ride so I really need to get back to weekly riding and more.

In addition, I'm re-focusing on my health and starting to eat better and exercise more. I need to. We won't discuss how much weight I've gained back since starting my new desk job in April 2007. Even training for a marathon and then a century didn't help.

So follow along as I revamp my health and exercise routine. Today I intend to pull out my trainer and get at least 30 minutes in (something about buckets of rain and wind gusts of 30-45 mph is keeping me from heading out doors).