Sunday, April 12, 2009

And the ride goes on...

Okay, so I've been crazy busy with work lately and my fitness has taken a side turn. Or no turn. Or a ran into mountain full force and stopped. Yeah, whatever. :-)

I've actually gone riding twice in the last week though so things are looking up. Last Sunday (the 5th) I headed out on a ride with Michelle, Becky and Jeff. We ended up doing 28.8 miles around Hillsboro and Forest Grove. It was a completely gorgeous day and a great ride. Of course having not ridden in so long, my back got jacked up and I was on vicodin for 2 days. But the past is the past. :-)

Saturday I decided to head back out for an easy 11 miles along Springwater Corridor. It was a cooler day with a few sprinkles but pretty nice all around. It was a good ride.

While I have decided not to complete a TNT event this year, I did sign up to complete a metric century with Tour de Cure. My company is sponsoring the riders so it should be pretty fun.

If anyone is interested in donating to a fantastic cause check out my page here:

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